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Work one on one with the artist to find the art you love that fits your needs, your style, your size and most importantly your budget! I have works of art from the abstract, too, Traditional Styles. A selection of my works is on my websites so if you don’t find what you need here simply fill out the request form and I will do my best to assist you.

I work personally with individuals and the professional trade with my free art advisory service to help find the perfect artwork for each client and each project.  Unlike other artists and other art websites, I do not charge any fees for this service.

Provide me with either with a photograph(s) of the area you are working along with a brief description of your style and color needs, budget, and I will provide you with different samples of artwork that I feel will be best suited for that project.  I will work with you to help you find that perfect piece of art. Custom art to your specification is welcome.

If you want to make a BIG impact for your space then check out my large abstract canvas art from my Abstract gallery. I am able to create these paintings very large so I can produce canvas art prints up to 9 feet wide. And if a larger size is needed they can be made available in triptych format where the artwork is divided in2 or 3 huge canvas sections. These unique artworks can create a very dramatic and exciting change to your living space. They are a blend of old and new techniques that are the result of a lot of experimentation.


Custom made artwork 48 x72 NY. to CA. $40. shipping see how video below.

TubeCanvas kit. Put up Painting in under 3 minutes see the video. 15 canvas sizes to choose from
Serving you now with Genie Canvas Collapsible Canvases make it a breeze to get full-size paintings from one place to another.

Recently I sold a customer 6 paintings
Customer instructed me not to use Fed Ex and other carriers they would not deliver house to house.
We found one that does packing insurance delivery in 2-5 days for $2,995. shipping cost, for the delivery.
I researched for a better way to make shipping more reasonable.
Genie Canvas Collapsible Canvases is the answer.

Everything you need comes in a reusable mailing tube — a blank canvas, a collapsible frame, a pre-made hanging wire with D-rings and screws, plus all the padding and packaging supplies you need.
Simply assemble and paint the canvas, then pack and ship it to your recipient, who reassembles the painting on arrival.
Genie Canvases assemble easily in less than five minutes, using no tools.

The substantial 10 oz, 100% cotton canvas is pre-primed with gesso to reach a 13 oz finished weight, so it’s ready to paint right out of the box. Stretcher bars are made of 1″ (25 mm), 18-ply Baltic birch plywood — fantastically strong, stable, and resistant to humidity in comparison to solid wood stretchers.
Genie Canvas offers an enjoyable, foolproof process from start to finish, and shipping is usually less than $90 to any location in the contiguous 48 states via US Postal Service Parcel Post.

Shipping charges international depend on location.


Made to order traditional oil on canvas  art drying periot is etween 2 -6 month, there fore acrylic is ready in minutes

Below sizes and prices are for custom made abstract ACRYLIC paintings only

07501-2448 Collapsible Canvas 24″ × 48″ $389. sale
07501-2460 Collapsible Canvas 24″ × 60″ $799. sale
07501-2472 Collapsible Canvas 24″ × 72″ $914. sale
07501-3636 Collapsible Canvas 36″ × 36″ $994. sale
07501-3648 Collapsible Canvas 36″ × 48″ $1,104. sale
07501-3660 Collapsible Canvas 36″ × 60″ $1,224. sale
07501-3672 Collapsible Canvas 36″ × 72″ $1,139. sale
07501-4848 Collapsible Canvas 48″ × 48″ $1,229. sale
07501-4860 Collapsible Canvas 48″ × 60″ $1,439. sale
07501-4872 Collapsible Canvas 48″ × 72″ $1,559. sale
07501-1660 Collapsible Canvas 60″ × 60″ $2,079. sale
07501-1672 Collapsible Canvas 60″ × 72″ $3,139. sale
07501-1684 Collapsible Canvas 60″ × 84″ $3,179. sale
07501-1696 Collapsible Canvas 60″ × 96″ $4,059. sale
Pricing is subject to change depending on requirements.

For reasonable prices and original or reproduction Art Work go here.

Simply fill out the form below and I will respond to you within 1 business day.  If you do not hear back from me within 1 business day please feel free to phone me at

1-561-684-0383, Cell 561 727 0860 as your email may not have been received.

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