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Print Giclee Reproduction

It’s  easy the alternative to owning a painting you otherwise cannot reach at the moment. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. No really!
1 Select your Paintings .
2 Select your Canvas size, Frame Plexi Mount, and edge options.
3 That’s it! Sit back and relax. We’ll take it from here.

Photos on Acrylic - PlexiMount    Image on Acrylic by Kikor - PlexiMount

Modern Look Acrilic or  Plexi Mount

Acrylic Prints
Acrylic prints “PlexiMounts” are similar to “Diasecs”. Photos are usually printed on glossy metallic photo paper for enhanced 3-D effect and vibrancy. The print is then face-mounted using an optically clear glue onto acrylic, the image is back mounted with a metal composite material called “DiBond”.The back of the DiBond is braced with framing grade aluminum bars for stability and for hanging onto the wall.Acrylic prints give your images a beautiful, modern look. The final product has a three dimensional quality because of the depth and gloss that the acrylic gives it. Your image will look as if it was floating in front of the wall due to the thickness of the aluminum bars on the back. There is no need to frame the artwork.
Miami Framed Artwork your upload image Artist you Miami Canvas Artwork your upload image Artist you Miami PlexiMount Artwork your upload image Artist you Miami Flat Mount Artwork your upload image Artist you Miami Rolled Artwork your upload image Artist you

My artwork is hand delivered to the printer and within days you receive it to be displayed.

Art Framing
Prints Giclee Store offers museum quality custom framing.The art frame is a very important part of the final “look” of a piece of art and if your art frame is carefully selected it will most definitely add to the work.When choosing a frame, we always recommend that you look at the artwork and consider a frame that will not compete with the piece. The art frame should always complement and enhance the art.The art frame serves as a space to further define the edges of the art piece. For an art collector framing is an opportunity to add their personal touch to the new acquisition. For an artist the art frame should be part of the completion of the work.We carry a vast selection of fine art frames from all major manufacturers including Larson Juhl and Englesen. Best of all our pricing is very competitive!You can expect the same level of quality and attention to detail as you get from our giclee printing services.

I am Working with different Giclee Printers and Fame Shops to get the best  Quality and Choices for YOU!
See above’s website images and click on the links of your choice, my printer in Miami  can create a contemporary, sleek and professional look with my Painting  a whitepaper  matte frame, 0r regular framed, or canvas, or Wrap around modern look,  Plexy Mout, or if you intend to have us, or upgrade your frame on an Expensive Painting I am Standing by to help.

Or you can choose for a traditional Painting Frame
Choose your own canvas size see below.  All prices in USD Shipped US only. Measured in inches Single, Diptych, Triptych, Quad
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