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Please browse our portfolio of traditional fine art decor. We also offer fine art giclees on canvas or paper for art consultants and interior designers who focus on corporate collections, hotels, restaurants, residential, office waiting rooms and health care facilities.

We consider it a great privilege to collaborate with designers and consultants to accommodate all projects in terms of size, color, or unique site-specific installations. We will gladly print any size you want on demand, as long as it is proportionate to the original size, and modify color and tone to fit your needs.

All prices are wholesale to the trade. Contact us by phone,  to discuss your project.

We look forward to working with you.
Enjoy viewing our online portfolio and wide selection of artworks. Please call us for assistance with your inquiries:
Email bhabicht  @ outlook. com

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Discount: Buy One 18’x24′ Gicle receive one Free See Here

Original Fine Art & Limited Editions

Tropical Paintings* Romancing The Figure* Romantic Italy*Boats* Food On Canvas*Western Art










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lone Ranger Lone Ranger Original Oil
24″ x 18″ Original Framed, $8,400.
24″x 18″ Canvas Wrap Around  $590.
24″ x 18″  Framed $660.



What is a Giclee or Reproduction? You Love Art and like a painting you really want, but can’t afford thousands of dollars to make an investment but you still need to have it , then by all means get a giclee. As a late career artist who works in a studio trying to put out some quality work I am here to assist with  your questions or purchase.Giclees.

Contact the artist direct here:
Other websites:
Bernie   /

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Since I live in Florida, the Everglade are in my backyard and therefore reflecting on my subject matter. needless to say I have sold a ton of paintings in galleries, tourists and private investors.
The Online Gallery has become a great venue for a variety of subjects for collectors it reflect the highest standards of quality and integrity. I offer these collector items without a middleman at tremendous savings.
Note: Artwork is available in reproduction/ giclee editions, click on the image you like, it brings you to the site for selection.

new 2-2 009Powerful Ocean Wave

space walk 004


18″x24″ limited time $129 wrap around on canvas

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