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Art as An Alternative Investment
Why should you buy Art for investment?
You have to enjoy art that pleases you and makes you feel good.
Art and Gold are known Good Investments.
Art has to strike you, it must speak to you
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Gallery Representation  Investors Welcome

Please browse our portfolio of traditional fine art décor. I also offer fine art giclees on canvas or paper for art consultants and interior designers who focus on corporate collections, hotels, restaurants, residential, office waiting rooms and healthcare facilities.

I as traditional and abstract artist consider it a great privilege to collaborate with designers and consultants to accommodate
all projects in terms of size, color, or unique site-specific installations.

Since abstract art is a favorite accessory tool for Interior Designers,
I am able to produce abstract Acrylic Originals to your color specification, sizes from

24″x30″ to 48″x60″ and beyond made to order and can be delivered from coast to coast at
Reasonable Prices FREE Shipping is available on the custom-made artwork.

Many works you see on my website could be sold today and are available as giclees.
I assure you I paint like there is no tomorrow and have new original artwork all the time some not listed in my online gallery.
I will gladly print any size of my original art to a reproduction,
as long as it is proportionate to the original size, to fit your needs.

All prices are reduced to the trade.
Contact me by phone, to discuss your project. I look forward to working with you.

Enjoy viewing our online portfolio and a wide selection of artwork.
Please call me Bernie for assistance with your inquiries:

Email bhabicht @ outlook. com
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Copy Right 2015-2017 the Artist

Original Fine Art

Tropical Paintings* Romancing The Figure* Romantic Italy*Boats* Food On Canvas *Western Art* Abstract

Cheetah with Cubs

Original 30″ x 40″ painting  Click Here  

Space Walk

Original 24″x36″ Painting On Canvas Click Here

Soothing Waterfall

Soothing Waterfall, 24″x 36″ Click Here

Crashing Waives

Original 24″x 36″ Painting  Click Here

Beautiful Italy

Portofino 24″x36 Oil On canvas, Click Here

Country Table

Giclee Available, Click Here Original, SOLD

Okeeheelee Park

Original 30″x 40″ Oil On Canvas, Click Here

Gunman Holding Peace Western Book Cover

Gunman Book Cover

Original 18″x24 Oil on Canvas, Click Here

Everglades National Park

Original 30″x40″ Oil On Canvas, Click Here

Gothic Book Cover Illustration

Original 13″x24″ Click Here


Commission Prices Contact Me Here

Gothic Book Cover Illustrations

Original 13″x 24″ Oil On Canvas Click Here

Afternoon Clouds

Original 24″x24″ Click Here

Natures Fall Colors

Original Oil 18″x 24″  Click Here

Mounts Botanical Garden, Look Here

Original 30″x 24″ Oil On Canvas Click Here

Reflection At Dusk

Original 18″x24″ Click Here

New Painting, Dissenting on Reef

Original 30″x24″ Sold

Original art Sold

Reproduction 30″x24″

New Painting, Everglades Feeding

Original 30″x24″ Sold

New Painting, Turtle Bay

Original 30″x24″

New Abstract Acrylic Painting

Original 30″x24″ Here

Thomas Jefferson Painting

Original Oil On Canvas 30″x 30″ Here

Pine Tree Pond

Original Oil 36″x 24″  Click Here

Newest Painting, Under Water Dancing

Original Oil 30″x 24″ Sold


Reproduction 30″x 24″ Sold

Newest Painting, Crashing Waives

Original Oil 30″x 24″ Sold

Newest Painting, Turtle Key West

Original Oil 30″x 24″

New Something For Everyone

Original Oil 18″x 24″ Here  Sold

Thomas Jefferson Right Flag

30″x 30″ Giclee on Canvas, Here

A New Day Begins

Original 18″x 24″ Oil On Canvas Click Here

New Painting, Emerald Queen

Original 18″x 24″ Oil On Canvas Sold


Original 18″x 24″ Sold

New Painting, Everglades Sundown

Original 18″x 24″ Oil On Canvas Sold

New Painting, Emerald Star

Original 30″x 24″ Oil On Canvas

Cosmo Eruption

Original 30″x 24″ Oil On Canvas, Here

Thomas Jefferson Left Flag

30″x30″  Giclee on Canvas

Decorating With Fine Art Prints

 Fine art prints of unique artwork will not only beautify any room by adding interest and color, but they also help your home reflect your own personal taste and values. When selecting any artwork for your home, office,  it’s always ideal to choose works you love independently from the surrounding that will accompany space. However, the affordability of fine art prints allow more room for experimentation if you’re still discovering your tastes,
or if your…

furnishings or home are bound to change in the near future. Obviously, color palette and subject matter is important, but also pay attention to the lines and style of the artwork to see if it harmonizes with those of your furniture and your home’s or office architectural elements. To help you get started, All Works of Art you see here, can be reproduced, as limited editions/giglees on stretched quality canvas framed,  for a special introduction, For example 16″x 20 $75.00–18″x24″ $99.00  24″x30″ $150  ( Prices my change depending on our printers price scale.)  Contact the Artist direct here at 561-684 0383

Gifting With Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints make thoughtful and unique special-occasion gifts. Though the appreciation of artwork is highly subjective, if you’re quite knowledgeable about the recipient’s personal tastes and interests–for example, you know that they admire decorate with prints of works  and  on our site. Doing so will also make the art-loving recipient aware of an up-and-coming artist like me, whose career they may be interested in following. Furthermore, if the recipient is passionate about a certain subject matter, such as  landscapes, beautiful figures, food art or the ocean, you may find prints of paintings or fine art prints dedicated to their particular passion. Be assured that if the gift recipient isn’t fully satisfied with the art print chosen for them, they will be able to return any unframed print within seven days of receipt. To help you get started, I have a ever growing collection of fine art prints for you to browse. 

Giclee Prints

What is a Giclee or Reproduction? You Love Art and like a painting you really want, but can’t afford thousands of dollars to make an investment but you still need to have it , then by all means get a giclee. All the artwork you see here except the ones sold can be purchased as giclee at affordable prices, on Canvas or Plexi Mount or even paper framed.

As a Local West Palm Beach  Artist who works & sells without a middleman out of his studio, I am here to assist with  your questions or purchase of Original Or Giclees Art. 561 684 0383

As a Local West Palm Beach  Artist who works & sells without a middleman out of his studio, I am here to assist with  your questions or purchase of Original Or Giclees Art. 561 684 0383

* In the message box put information about what is on your mind.

*Ordering Original Art or Reproduction add the following message as well
*Ordering direct follow the  PayPal ordering page

Interior Designers Commission Bernie Habicht Art
What is your Budget* $………..
Ideal Finish date:………………….
Attachments to see your workspace or your instruction about the color scale:
Sending a file email .>>>

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Get what you want now and keep your money in your pocket.

Pay now or pay over time with PayPal Credit. Just use PayPal Credit in PayPal checkout.

Subject to credit approval. No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months when you spend $99 or more.

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